Life is good, except when it is not!

About Gloria

I have been trained professionally in psychology in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Mainland China, New Zealand and the United States since 1996. Having studied and worked in several different countries and lived in a number of multi-ethnic communities has enabled me to become attuned to a variety of bi-cultural and cross-cultural phenomena.

In a similar fashion, being born into a big family and a huge extended family (with a complex geopolitical and traumatic history) has helped me to develop knowledge and skills that allow me to stay centered and grounded in the mist of confusion, deception, collusion and discrimination, while holding onto my sanity.

I have dedicated my life to understand life.

I have trained myself to rely on clear eyes and a clear mind in order to see the complex nature of social reality, human relationships and a range of intrapsychic dynamics. I constantly search for simple language to articulate what and how individuals experience life, including how they interpret and make sense of their wounds, strengths, desires, feelings, dreams and struggles.

I believe the path to well-being involves having an integrated sense of self (such an integration involves mind, body and spirit, as well as, the conscious, unconscious, emotional, intuitive and rational dimensions of oneself).

My Services

I work therapeutically with children, teenagers, adults and the elderly (as individuals, couples, families and groups). I also work in educational settings and do intensive group processes, workshops and trainings.

I have been seriously influenced and trained by two trauma specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2011 (after having 10 years of clinical experience).

Client Populations

Children: anxiety, depression, loss, acting out, separation

Teenagers: peer conflict, conflict with authorities, emotional issues, attention deficits and a number of additional issues, such as, self-harm, dating, sexuality, and identity crisis.

Adults: intimacy, life transitions, relationships, career developments, loss, grief, anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, existential depression, problems with commitment, family conflicts, peer conflicts and issues that deal with authority

Elders: loss, healthy aging, life integration, life-wisdom and preparation for death

Couples: intimacy, conflicts, enactments, commitment issues, vulnerability, bi-racial and bi-cultural relationships and marriages

Families: loss, transition, trauma and conflict

Groups: journey of individuation through group processes, respons-ibility and answering calls from life to achieve one's full potential

Who sits just to sit?

Good-fit Clients

If you feel lost and alone (even when around people), wonder who cares about you, and find it difficult to climb out of that dark hole by yourself, then most likely you are in need of help! Some call it depression, anxiety and a number of other things, such as, boredom, nihilism, apathy or ennui. Whatever you name such experiences, often times they represent having failed to live fully and/or reach your full potential.

If you find yourself again and again in relational patterns that hurt you and/or others, there are ways to walk out of these recurring and devastating patterns. Such work must be done one step at a time. One day after taking a number of vital steps you will see yourself very differently then when you started.

If you and your partner love each other and suffer from destructive enactments and/or re-enactment patterns and need professional help to process and repair your relationship then the good news is that I may be able to help you work these things out and achieve the kind of relationships you desire and deserve.

If you are in a bicultural/biracial relationship-marriage and/or in the midst of adjusting to a new culture then I may be the person to see.

If you are feeling that you deserve a better life, really want to create such a life and just need someone to help you see the obstacles and possibilities then I am here and would like to offer you the space and support you need.

Finally, if you are struggling to untangle yourself from a web of enmeshed family dynamics and dispel the family curse then come and see me!

If any of these situations prevent you from enjoying your life then reach out and make contact with me!

Contacts and More


Phone: 510-747-8861 (voice mail)

Office Location: 445 Bellevue Avenue

Oakland (Lake Merritt)

Language Spoken: English



Without shadow, object has no depth

and it could not be understood

Payment & Fees:

$150/50min sessions for individuals

$250/100min sessions for couples

Accept Cash and Check

"To Be Yourself - Start From Within"